Celebrating family, light and peace on the waterfront

Celebrating family, light and peace on the waterfront

Wynayrd Quarter prides itself on being a diverse, lively and inclusive waterfront neighbourhood with open public spaces and amenities for all to enjoy.  

Wednesday 15 May, kicks starts a celebration of international days of recognition linking together elements such as family, light and living together in peace - aptly reflecting the ethos of our waterfront spaces.

Panuku encourages all visitors to the waterfront to reflect on what family, whanau and aiga mean to them through a three-day activation on Te Wero Island in association with Papaya Stories. The activation celebrates three international days of recognition; the United Nation’s (UN) International Day of Families on 15 May; the UN’s International Day of Living in Peace on 16 May; and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) International day of Light also on 16 May.

The three-day activation gives visitors the opportunity to share stories on their roots and family histories by decorating a hand made tree. At the end of the activation - like family - the tree will have grown and become more diverse and colourful.

International Families Day tree

International Families Day

International Day of Families began in 1993 as a way to reflect the importance of family on an international scale and is observed each year on 15 May. Although families all over the world have transformed greatly over the past decades in terms of structure and diversity and size, the United Nations still recognises family as the basic unit of society.


International Day of Living Together in Peace

Living together in peace is all about accepting differences and having the ability to listen to, recognize, respect and appreciate others, as well as living in a peaceful and united way.

The UN General-Assembly declared 16 May the International Day of Living Together in Peace, to promote peace, tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity. The Day aims to uphold the desire to live and act together, united in differences and diversity, in order to build a sustainable world of peace, solidarity and harmony.


International Day of Light

The International Day of Light is a day to celebrate the role light plays in science, technology, art and culture, helping to achieve the goals of UNESCO – education, equality, and peace.

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